I am William | Scolaire

Jeunesse - scolaire

Musical theater


Playwright : Rébecca Déraspe
Translation : Leanna Brodie
Directed by Sylvain Scott
Created and performed by Édith Arvisais, Simon Labelle-Ouimet and Renaud Paradis
Live musician : Benoit Landry or Jean-François De Bellefeuille
Production : Théâtre Le Clou

When Margaret Shakespeare, William's sister, writes at night, it's a remedy for the injustices she sees every day. At the age of thirteen, she writes powerful stories inspired by humans contradictions. But in 1577, in her small England village, the place of a girl is at home doing chores. Worse still, girls who know how to read and write can be accused of witchcraft and be severely punished. When William discovers the magnitude of his sister's talent, he is so amazed that he can't keep it to himself. But how can he share her words while protecting her at the same time? Then begins a long journey in the very heart of this whimsical England, where brotherly love is even more powerful than the truth itself, where the strength of words has the power to reverse the established structures, and where social masks may eventually end up falling.

In I am William, this parcel of the sixteenth century becomes a magnifying glass of our times. Because today, being a boy or a girl still dictates a part of the path to follow.

Performing length approximately : 70 minutes


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Mardi 29 mars 2022 | 13 h 15

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